Pass on your digital assets your digital assets to your loved ones,
in complete security.

Prepare now to pass on your digital heritage with Solal Tech

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Be prepared with Solal Tech.

A successful transmission

In the event of your death, you can no longer manage your personal data scattered across the Internet.

Prepare now for the transfer of your digital assets with Solal Tech, your specialized legal and technological solution.

How does it work?

List all your accounts and essential personal information.

‍Choosethe beneficiaries who will receive your digital assets when the time comes.

Select a trusted person, the custodian, to manage the handover.

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What assets can I register?

  • Your social network profiles
  • Your e-mail addresses
  • Your family photos on an online storage site
  • Your cryptocurrency wallets
  • Your bank accounts and neo-banks
  • Access to your computers and smartphones
  • And much, much more!

Why would I trust you?

The protection of your data assured
data is hosted in France by an approved service provider, in compliance with CNIL standards.

‍Yourconfidentiality preserved
Tech does not have access to your information. You are the one and only person who can consult them.

Transparency at the heart of our policy
the event of any incident that may occur, you will be informed immediately.

Answers to your questions
advisors and the notary you have selected are available at all times to support you and answer your questions.

Illustration showing the selection of recipients and custodians who will have access to digital data

Who is involved in this process?

The testator
Would you like to bequeath your digital assets? Make an inventory of this information, choose a trustworthy person and gain in serenity.

The notary
Are you looking for a solution to accompany your clients? They deposit their last wishes on Solal Tech, and you can then follow each step on the platform.

The beneficiary
A loved one has passed away? Fulfill his or her last wishes by recovering digital assets and benefit from the help of a Solal Tech partner notary.

Illustration showing the notaries partnering with Solal Tech who will accompany the usersValidation icon
Illustration showing the notaries partnering with Solal Tech who will accompany the users

The protection of your data is our priority

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Secure data

Secure data access, even if your password is lost or stolen.

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Confidentiality assured

Strict protection and confidentiality of personal data is guaranteed.

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Durability guaranteed

100% French hosting, on servers with the highest security standards.

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1 beneficiary for your entire SOLAL account
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Annual follow-up by email
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Telephone assistance 5 days a week from 9 am to 6 pm
Make your inventory and your digital wishes in just a few clicks and for free today!

They trust SolalTech

Whether they are notaries or private clients, we provide them with transparent support for the transmission and security of their digital assets.

Why not you?

Solal Tech has helped me greatly in sorting out all the digital accounts I have. I am more serene to have this global view on my digital assets. And I know that my spouse will be able to access it easily if something happens to me.

Pauline M. (Saint-Etienne)

I benefited from SOLAL TECH's support to close the social networks of one of my relatives. It was done quickly and humanely. Thank you for your help.

Benoit G. (Lyon)

SOLAL is a simple support solution for our customers. The company works hand in hand with notaries to provide viable and sustainable legal solutions for the transmission and security of digital assets. A young technology start-up to follow...

Stéphane C. (Notary in Annecy)

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Your most frequently asked questions

Do you need information about how Solal Tech works? The answer to your question is surely in our FAQ.

How is my data protected?
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To ensure the security of your data, our technology platform guarantees:

- Data storage in France;

- Full data encryption;

- Reliable authentication;

- A perennial storage of information;

- Immediate deletion of permanently deleted data;

- Strict compliance with the RGPD

In addition, you are the only person who has access to your personal information. However, it is possible to authorize a third party to access it after your death.

Why a notary partner?
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Solal's partner notary is a guarantee of quality for our clients. He is the guarantor of the transmission of their patrimony and accompanies them on this subject.

His legal expertise, his advice and the regulations of his profession allow him to effectively guide our clients so that they can take control of the future of their digital assets today.

Can I entrust my passwords to Solal Tech?
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You can indeed entrust them to Solal Tech, and this, in complete security. Some of these passwords are essential for your guardians to execute your last wishes.

Two methods are available to you. You can import these passwords manually or use the secure password manager offered by Solal Tech. Whichever method you choose, we receive your encrypted passwords. Therefore, no one, not even Solaltech staff, can access them.

You may also choose not to give us your passwords. In this case, you must include the necessary information in your account to allow your heirs to access your digital assets. For example, you can add the statement "The Ledger key is located in the left drawer of the desk. "

What can I pass on to my family and friends about Solal Tech?
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Anything related to your digital estate can be passed on via Solal Tech: digital accounts, administrative documents, social media accounts, email addresses or even simple instructions. These can detail to your heirs how to access your devices (hardware, physical security keys, etc.) and where they are located.

Does my Solal Tech account replace the role of the notary?
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Your Solal Tech account will never replace the work and essential mission of the notary.

Solal Tech is the technological platform of reference for the transmission of digital assets. The notary has all the information to ensure that all your assets will be transmitted to the people you have designated: your beneficiaries.

Without a Solal Tech account, gathering all your information about your digital assets and property can be difficult for your loved ones, and in some cases, impossible.

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to consult our FAQ!