Services adapted to the notarial profession

Reassure your clients who are worried about the future of their digital assets.
With the Solal Tech platform, specialist in the transmission of digital assets, accompany your clients efficiently.

Whether they wish to bequeath their social network accounts, their email addresses or their online bank account, offer them a complete and secure turnkey solution.

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Find out more about our support for notary professionals!

More than just a technological solution, SOLAL TECH supports you with a wide range of training courses, content and guides on the promotion and transmission of digital heritage.

A software by notaries,
for notaries

Receive new qualified customers thanks to your presence on and the addressing of your colleagues

Follow up and support your customers thanks to the SOLAL software

Offer your customers a new experience to manage and
transmit their digital assetsmore easily

Communicate and promote your expertise in new technologies (blockchain, metaverse, NFT, web3 ...)

SOLAL is a simple support solution for our customers. The company works hand in hand with notaries to provide viable and sustainable legal solutions for the transmission and security of digital assets. A young technology start-up to follow...

Master Stéphane C.

TC NOTAIRES - Annecy (74)


Simplify digital transmission for you and your customers


With Solal Tech, you can support them in the management and transmission of all their digital assets and accounts, including social networking accounts, e-mail addresses, life insurance and much more.


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As soon as you register, you'll have access to specific resources for your customers and employees, including wealth and legal guides, white-label newsletters, live webinars and training courses developed in collaboration with digital and legal experts.

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Confidently adopt our ergonomic platform, which benefits from regular security checks, built-in encryption and a qualified electronic signature to protect you against any intrusion.

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Increase your added value by meeting the new wealth management needs of your customers and prospects.

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Benefit from daily support in your study as well as in the use of our functionalities. We are committed to incorporating your suggestions for improvement into the platform, and the Solal Tech team is available Monday to Friday to answer all your questions and concerns.

The protection of your data is our priority

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100% secure data

Many protocol services allow you to protect access to your customers' accounts, even in the event of theft or loss of a password.

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Confidentiality assured

Strict protection and confidentiality of personal data is guaranteed.

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Proven durability

100% French hosting, on highly secure servers that meet numerous standards.

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Your most frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to the main questions you may have. If you have not found the answer to your question, please go to the page "Contact us".

What is the notary's role in the SOLAL application?
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The notary's role is to implement the deceased's last wishes.

In addition, the notary assists the guardian in all legal procedures and certifies the conformity of the directives issued by the deceased.

Why choose a partner notary?
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A SOLAL TECH partner notary is a guarantee of quality for our customers.

He ensures the transfer of their assets and guides them through the process. Thanks to his legal expertise, sound advice and in-depth knowledge of regulations, the notary is able to provide our customers with effective support as they take charge of their digital assets today.

Does SOLAL TECH replace the role of the notary?
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UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES. The role of the notary is crucial. SOLAL TECH represents a leading technological platform dedicated to the transmission of digital assets. The notary has all the information needed to ensure that your entire estate is passed on to the people you have designated as beneficiaries.

Without a SOLAL Tech account, gathering all your information about your digital and physical assets can be difficult for your loved ones, if not impossible in some cases.

What can my customers bequeath?
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ALL aspects of their digital heritage, encompassing:

- online accounts;
- administrative documents;
- social networking accounts;
- e-mail addresses;

As well as simple guidelines that can explain, in detail, to their heirs how to access their devices(hardware, physical security keys, PIN codes, etc.) as well as their location.

Can my customers safely entrust SOLAL TECH with their passwords?
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YES, your customers can safely entrust us with their passwords. Some of them may be essential for the execution of their last wishes.

Two methods are possible: your customer can import his passwords manually, or use the secure password manager offered by Solal Tech.

In both cases, passwords are received in encrypted form. No one, including Solal Tech staff, has access to this information.

If your customers don't want to entrust us with their passwords, they can still specify in their account the information needed to give their heirs access to their digital assets. For example, they can specify the location of the Ledger key by saying, "The Ledger key is in the left-hand desk drawer."

Why is SOLAL TECH right for your organization?
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Our software has been developed by notaries, for notaries. This makes it easy to get to grips with, in just a few minutes.

Your teams will benefit from time savings and improvements in work quality right from the start.

How do you deploy the software in your notary's office?
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NO INSTALLATION NECESSARY. Our platform operates in SaaS mode, enabling fast and direct connection from your web browser.

Introducing innovation to your practice has never been easier. A free one-hour training course is available, including personalized advice from your dedicated consultant, specialized in digital asset transfer management.

How is data security ensured?
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Several measures:

-Storage of data in France for enhanced protection;
-Complete encryption of data for confidentiality;
-Reliable two-factor authentication for secure access;
-Permanent preservation of information
-Immediate and definitive deletion of deleted data;
-Strict compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD).

What are the associated costs?
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Our pricing model adjusts to your requirements.

Depending on the number of customers who use our platform to contact you for support.

If you're looking for tailored content , such as brand personalization, specific legal and technological studies, training courses on digital asset enhancement and transmission , and monthly asset guides , these services are available from €89 per month, excluding VAT.

Give your customers digital peace of mind

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will come back to you with more information!