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Find out how Solal Tech protects your data

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Secure data

Your data is protected by asymmetric encryption. This is based on an algorithm that itself relies on a private and a public key.

The public key is used to encrypt the information, which can only be decrypted by the person with the private key.

This encryption, repeated several times internally, thus secures the transfer of your data.

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Icon showing the security of Solal Tech

Confidentiality assured

The data contained in your Solal Tech account is therefore not accessible by anyone other than you, not even by Solal Tech teams!

We keep you transparently informed and always communicate proactively about any incidents that may arise.

We give you all the keys to understanding how to protect your personal data and digital accounts so you can make the best decisions.
Finally and crucially, we do not commercialize your data! Solal Tech's business model is based on a subscription paid by notaries and notary offices to use the software we develop.

Icon showing the security of Solal Tech

Durability guaranteed

Your data is safe!

Hosted 100% in France by accredited professionals meeting the most demanding standards and certifications.

All in compliance with European legislation, to preserve the legal value of your important documents.

Illustration of notaries working with Solal Tech for the management of digital assets after death

They trust SolalTech

Whether they are notaries or private clients, we provide them with transparent support for the transmission and security of their digital assets.

Why not you?

Solal Tech has helped me greatly in sorting out all the digital accounts I have. I am more serene to have this global view on my digital assets. And I know that my spouse will be able to access it easily if something happens to me.

Pauline M. (Saint-Etienne)

I benefited from SOLAL TECH's support to close the social networks of one of my relatives. It was done quickly and humanely. Thank you for your help.

Benoit G. (Lyon)

SOLAL is a simple support solution for our customers. The company works hand in hand with notaries to provide viable and sustainable legal solutions for the transmission and security of digital assets. A young technology start-up to follow...

Stéphane C. (Notary in Annecy)


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